22 March 2011

Another Day, Another Muffin ... Maple Walnut Seasonal Mix

I was cruisin' the supermarket the other morning and happened upon the beer/wine aisle ... can't think how that happened, but it did. Good old Sam Adams and about a kazillion other micros were touting their seasonal brews. Boy, it was a tough decision! I picked up the latest mid-sized box of Noble Pils from Sam Adams' brewhouse and moved on to get the makings for my 'muffin de jour', or should I say my 'seasonal muffin' ?

Maple walnut muffins can't be made with the freshest of fresh too often! There is a window of time in the Spring that sits about four weeks wide ... mid-March to early April. It's called sap season. The best of the maple syrup gets made about now. Suck it up and make your pancakes and blintzes, baked ham,  bacon wrapped scallops, squash and maple butter, maple walnut fudge, cheesecakes and cakes right now! There is NO better time.

That being said ... I made maple walnut muffins today to have with coffee and tea. The recipe comes from The Silver Palate Good Times Cookbook. Those ladies at The Silver Palate know a sweet and chewy muffin that's packed with fiber and nuts and sweet goodness when they see one!

Begin by chopping some softened butter into a measure of chopped walnuts.

Spread the buttery walnuts on a rimmed pan and roast in a 350 oven for about 10 minutes, then remove and cool.

Whisk together dry ingredients ... use old-fashioned oats ... those big chewy ones!

Chop some pitted dates ... not too small. You want chewy chunks in those muffins!

Whip together eggs, cream, maple syrup, and maple extract and turn in the dry ingredients, dates, and most of those buttered nuts ... don't overmix!

Fill lined muffin cups three quarters of the way and top each muffin with a teaspoon of the buttered nuts and a little drizzle of maple syrup. This recipe makes 20 muffins ... enough to knosh and share!

Of course! You must eat one warm from the oven!

Stored covered, these muffins retain incredible moisture and have a nice shiny maple glaze.


  1. I love your step by step guide... these muffins are a work of art... love the before and after oven shots... delicious!

  2. I love maple. My husband loves dates. My daughter loves muffins. I definitely need to give these a try! They look wonderful.

  3. The muffins are looking so good, with goodness of so many things. Am sure must be tasty too !

  4. Looks like the perfect morning, or afternoon, snack.

  5. These look so good. I am a 100% Maple syrup person; in fact; when I get back home will be the perfect time to pick up the new syrup. Keeping this recipe to try then; thanks.

  6. Hurray! I'm so glad folks seem to be excited by this recipe! There is nothing like the real thing ... maple syrup is the best!

  7. These look so good! Thank you for sharing. I can't wait to get some local syrup!

  8. A great way to showcase fresh maple syrup. I hope to get to Parker's in Mason NH this Sunday for a yummy breakfasy and some maple syrup.

  9. Meant to say breakfast!! Sorry about the spelling error.

  10. @ FBMKW - Susan! We're headed there tomorrow for a late breakfast! I hope you enjoy your visit! I'm all about their French toast and eggs ... yum!

  11. OMG Susan - I am heady with all the crunchy goodness and delicious flavors in this muffin...the dates, maple and walnuts makes me feel like I have just fallen into a beautiful New England dream...sigh...

    chow! Devaki @ weavethousandflavors


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