13 March 2010

An Aside...

I never enter contests... but I have entered two in the past week. You see, I really need some good knives and I really want a large hard working Dutch oven a la La Creuset. I didn't win either contest. It is not my way, damn it! So, I'm moving on to shameless begging. I have three wonderful children and I am hoping that they remember that Mother's Day is coming in May... and that the power of three could fulfill a humble cooking mother's desire (insert pregnant pause here).

OMG! I can't believe that I have stooped to Internet begging! I can't help it, though! After thirty years of cooking, one's kitchen implements give out and one is reduced to desperate measures  ... consider this kinda, sorta like it was when we were all kids and it was Christmas time and we were making our wish lists for Santa.

Okay, I'm done here.


  1. Susan, that's too funny! I hope they read this...

  2. Sprout Sara15/3/10 2:53 PM

    Noted from your second daughter. :)


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