31 March 2010

Rainy Day Pictures ...

this rainy day

+ these

+ milk

= reading and munching bliss.


  1. What a beautiful idea for a rainy day... but... where's the recipe? Those cookies look fuller and chewier than my 'back of the bag' recipe! Do you have a trick?

  2. Susan @ Anon1/4/10 8:27 PM

    Butter and margarine even split ... beat the eggs between adding each, 2 tsp. vanilla extract and a rounded tsp. of the baking soda... those are the only changes in the 'back of the bag' ...

  3. I love rainy days....especially if I'm home from work, with a good book and a blankie! Heavnen

  4. Ozoz! Welcome to The Spice Garden! Thanks for stopping in to take a look and commiserate on the beauty and coziness of rainy days! I'll be sure to stop in at Kitchen Butterfly to see what you're up too! Cadbury eggs and sweet treats are such a 'dangling carrot' for this girl!


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