26 March 2010

OMG! Could Walmart Be On the Right Track?

I am agog... read on folks. An interesting article that will get you thinking ... or at least shaking your head at the ever evolving market mentality of  'corporate America' ... If Walmart can sell  'locavore philosophy'  to the mainstream consumer ... is that a bad thing? If Walmart can help create a bigger demand for local food products ... say what? Perhaps supplying local food product could offset their inordinate amount of imported (read 'Made in China' ) merchandise. When you consider that there are far more Walmarts than Whole Foods Markets in the US right now and when you consider how much of a nutrition problem the American public has, perhaps Walmart's initiative to get into the organic, local produce, locally harvested meat market could be a good thing. Now, if we could just get them to ditch the plethora of junk food that dominate the end aisle displays... and push an initiative for healthier snacking...

       It kinda feels like dancing with the devil, but... what if they are on to it for real? I'm still a cynic.

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  1. Huh, I'm a cynic as well, so although I am 100% behind everybody eating more local food, I'm not sure I trust Walmart enough to be happy! :-)


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