29 November 2010

Holiday Traditions ...

I have packed off left over containers to the kids, had turkey soup, made turkey sandwiches, and all that's left is a plate full of turkey set aside for turkey pot pie. This is the last of the traditional dishes I make with what's left of the Thanksgiving bird and we love it. Today is the perfect day to make pie, too. It's really cold out. There's frost on every blade of grass in the yard, and there might be a touch of snow later tonight to dust things up a bit. Silent Bob and I are going into the woods today to cut our Christmas greens and find some winterberry for arrangements and baskets. After shivering our way home, a good piece of hot pie will surely hit the spot!

This pot pie gets its start in Betty Crocker's Cook Book. Look at this thing! It's been through ten years of bachelor apartments and thirty-one years of marriage. Silent Bob and I have used and abused it, but it has been the source of many tried-and-true recipes! It kind of fits my ugly-as-sin pie plate that I've ranted about in a past post.

My point here is that with tradition comes the traditional sources and tools that bring it on. I treasure my old trusty kitchen friends. Don't you? I think that's why I love poking about in the antique stores and consignment shops for old utensils and vintage dishes. I sometimes think that they have soaked up the love and flavors that have simmered in them, that they've stirred and mixed, that they have showcased at so many meals and parties over the years. Adding my bit to their history only strengthens their legacy to whoever will use them in the future.

I'm hoping that you have a host of special food and family traditions that await you this holiday season ... and I hope you keep things slow enough to enjoy them. Happy Holidays!


  1. I think I have that book down cellar. I have been making the chili recipe from this book for over 25 years. The turkey pie looks delicious. I like the celery seed in the crust.

  2. what a great looking pie crust... love the inclusion of the seeds... I'm going for a trad glazed ham for Christmas this year.

  3. Beautiful pie and I love your greenery! I found your blog through Lizzie Goes Dutch and I know I am in for a treat. Vintage and thrifted kitchen treasures are my favorite too. Thanks for sharing your pie recipe!

  4. I love your pie. You can't go wrong with Betty Crocker.;0)Beautiful greenery. Our tradition is baking! Lots of cookies:)And some cakes, of course:)

  5. Ooh...your pie looks marvellous Susan and the poppy seeds...precious!

    Ciao, Devaki @ weavethousandflavors


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