17 November 2010

Surrender ...


That golden maple has shed its treasure-
Stands grey and stark
Among silver skeletons that rattle.
I walk today into the glade.
There is a rime of frost here,
crisping the lines of a turkey feather.
It marks remnants of other lives:
maple leaf, fox pad, deer track.
The winds change and flakes swirl -
The dogs howl a chill exhalation,
 and I surrender.

-Susan Miller-Lindquist



  1. What a beautiful poem to go along with a stunning photo!!

  2. Beautiful! If I lived in such a beautiful place in the country side, I'd probably write poems about it too!

  3. Beautiful!

    PS~ I'd be honored for you to use the post!

  4. Beautiful! So blessed to be surrounded by such beauty and to do it justice with such beautful words :)

    Ciao, Devaki @ weavethousandflavors


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