03 October 2011

Another Beautiful Cake ...

Several weeks ago, Mary posted a super rich, butterscotch Bundt cake on her website, One Perfect Bite. Now, Mary comes to us with so many great recipes and I don't know why this one stuck with me over all the others, but it did. I am heartily glad it did too! Silent Bob and I loved this cake! His sweet tooth got a real jolt when he took the first bite! A moist swirled center of the cake is wrapped in a crunchy lower crust and coated with a sweet caramel pecan drizzle .... so good! I loved my slice with a hot cup of black coffee - I don't normally drink my coffee black, but the sweetness of the cake demanded a rich almost bitter foil. Perfection and I mean it! Thank you, Mary! You have re-confirmed my love of cake!

I love to make cakes. I love the way they look all decked out on their special plates or platters. I love contemplating how best to show them off. Should there be a frosting or a dusting of sugar and spice or a stencil of  confectioner's sugar, or a drizzle of some sweet something, or nothing at all? I love slicing into them that first time, anticipating the crumb, the sweetness, the subtle (or not so subtle) spiciness! I love everything about them!

Cake pans are another fun aspect of making the cake ... small pans, graduated pans, Bundt pans, loaf pans, shaped pans, mini pans? What fun it is to plan the final shape and dimensional aspect of the cake! When I was a kid, my mom never had a Bundt pan. Our cakes were usually sheet cakes. Layer cakes were reserved for birthdays. She had an angelfood cake pan that came out of the mothballs once a year or so, around strawberry season or when my grandmother visited. Bundt pans were exotic back in the day, so I guess I have been intrigued with the shape and novelty of them for that reason. They make such a pretty cake!

I'm telling you, it no wonder that so many great pastry chefs concentrate their creativity and efforts on 'THE CAKE'. Well, I'm no pastry chef, just a girl with an inordinate love of sugar, baking, and pretty things. So here is Mary's pretty Butterscotch Swirl Bundt Cake ... and one happy camper! Link to Mary's post above for the recipe ... and stay a while at her site to explore the hundreds of other great foods that she has shared with us!


  1. I want to see the photo of Silent Bob after he's eaten the cake... that smile is too wicked for cake... !

  2. Even Silent Bob could not be silent about this cake.

  3. That is one cake worth making I am sure; kind of big for the 2 of us, but worth saving for family visits. Sure looks good.

  4. I love that picture. He looks so happy. Great looking cake too.

  5. this definitely caught my eye over at Mary's blog as well! What a great cake.

  6. What a beautiful looking cake! I wish a slice, or two, for the afternoon tea.


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