12 October 2011

Willow Manor Ball 2011 - Autumn Frolic

Today's a different kind of day in The Spice Garden! It's time to get ready to trip out of the garden gate and head down to the willows by the pond. I have a lazy afternoon ahead, while I wait for this evening and one very special event!

 Tess is hosting her annual Willow Manor Ball - an evening that magically lasts far longer than the traditional seven or eight hours ... let's start by the pond, though. It's there where I'll sit down in the shade and dream up my ball gown, sip some wine and wait for the sun to set.

Golds and brown and black ... such beautiful tones ! Yes, I believe those are the colors for me ... dramatic and regal. I've found just the thing in my imagination ... and Edward will be impressed. It may take the attention away from his dramatic appearance! Perfect ... yes?

Every dancer needs some dance shoes ... perhaps for a foxtrot or a tango ... a candle lit evening of chatter, champagne, and dancing. I can't wait!

Wandering back to the house to ready myself, I note the full moon ... another perfect touch ... making a grand entrance and exit will be assured, as Edgar promised our transportation this evening will be awe- inspiring!

Dallying until dark, I take one last look at the willow tree and magically I see it lit in celebration - a good omen, surely! Wait! Are those lights or something else?

And now, to get ready! A scented bath, some favorite tidbits and a sip of mineral water, taking time to get dressed, and then waiting for Edward and his .... oh my goodness! Can you believe it? Talk about my carriage awaiting!

And off we go ... come along too! Willow Manor awaits and Edward says the night will be memorable! Would he lie? I think not.

I may have to re-think that tango and foxtrot, though, or my gown will be so much confetti ... oh well, there's always the champagne and chatter!

A toast to Tess our lovely hostess!


  1. The shoes are divine... but Edward Scissorhands?? Really? Your dress! Your skin!
    Oh well, he is really Depp in disguise, so fair enough ;)

  2. OH YES! Those shoes could carry me anywhere!

  3. Sounds like a blast! Love the shoes! Have fun!

  4. Edward could turn my dress into confetti any night!

  5. Such a spectacular evening. The moon is glorious indeed. Your dress is divine and the shoes perfect for an evening of dancing under the stars.

  6. Haha such a fun post! That dress is gorgeous!

  7. Johnny Depp, willow trees, fireflies...these are a few of my favorite things...thanks for making the Willow Manor Ball 2011 so enjoyable...

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  9. I love this post. Can you ever imagine riding in a hot air balloon? The willow tree is spectacular! Fun post.


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