05 October 2011

Our Roasted Brussels Sprouts ...

These are our very own Brussels sprouts raised, fertilized with our very own compost, guarded from the damn deer, and picked by resident gentleman farmer, Silent Bob! They have a slather of olive oil, some kosher salt and black pepper, and a few cloves of garlic minced up and scattered over them. They are on their way into a hot oven for a fast roast and then ..... BACON!

That's all ... I just had to brag on these little green jewels! It's the little things in life, folks, that make me very happy these days. Tomorrow, I am making Autumn Squash Risotto and using one of the Hubbard squash that we've just pulled from the squash patch. The garden is still producing, but it's slowing down dramatically. We must take our pleasures where we can find them - a stray tomato off the drooping vines, crisp beets from the row, one more zucchini squash from vines that are mouldering and pouting in all the rain, more Brussels sprouts just waiting for the picking ... you can feel the season slumping to a stop.  I think that's why I delight so in these fall vegetables that bravely soldier on ... and the ever cheerful zinnias that just keep on blooming!


  1. Very similar to my prep. Crisp up some bacon and set aside. Drain off most of the fat and saute a bit of shallot. Roll the sprouts around in the fat and then add a small amount of chicken broth. steam/Simmer gently until tender then serve with the bacon sprinkled on top and a liberal grind of black pepper. Love them. Must try roasting and compare. It's about time to plant the fall/winter greens here - collards, Kale, Chard, oh my!

  2. Whoa! Super cool! Brussels sprouts are one of my favorite fall veggies. Love this!

  3. very nice!... and growing your own brussels, very nice indeed. Many people hate the brussel but I love them and they make wonderful bubble and squeak the next day too!


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