27 January 2012

Ryder and Topalian's Edible Communities !

Tracy Ryder and Carole Topalian may be able to make a killer salad or fresh local fish fillet or free-range beef roast, but what they have done even better is to take the idea of regional foods and food communities and meld the technology of communication and advertisement on the Internet to create Edible Communities a publishing company that sells franchises and editorial support to regional entrepreneurs who want to publish regional magazines that support and advertise for local farmers and artisan food projects, local community gardens, and all things that support the locavore movement. Pretty clever, huh? So, a project that started with Edible Ojai blossomed to 64 regional magazines and counting. Not only do they produce hardcopy of these local foodie magazines so that copies can be distributed at farmer's markets, restaurants and through Chambers of Commerce, but they support on-line editions that are freely accessed and archived ... now, THAT'S game-changing!

Ladies, you have truly hit upon something! Good work!

I accessed Edible Cape Cod and after looking through the archives, chose a wintertime fruit compote submitted by John Carafoli. John urged one to have this fruit compote with a small piece of biscotti and a glass of Amaretto ... a classic Italian dessert. I am having company this weekend and that is exactly what we shall do ... with a small dollop of vanilla ice cream to satisfy Silent Bob, the ice cream fiend.

Because I am so impressed by the on-line Edible Community magazines, I am not posting the recipe for the fruit compote. Rather, I have included the links for the magazine I used and the specific article link for John's recipe above! Once you're there, go to the home page for Edible Communities and check out the regional magazine nearest you (or nearest your dream locale!). Such fun!

To see what all the other folks are blogging about Tracy Ryder and Carole Topalian, link up  with Mary over at One Perfect Bite.  I'm sure there are some awesome offerings this week! If you would like to join us, just let Mary know and hit this Gourmet Live link 50 Woman Game-Changers.


  1. I love the edible magazines that I received at a local farmers market. There was the best article on local cheese and another article on heirloom beans. Great post!!

  2. that compote looks divine!... I do love a nice tangy fruit stew... I'll have to get linked up to hunt down the recipe... lovely picture too, so Autumnal!

  3. This is the perfect way to get that "feeling" in the dead of winter. Great choice Susan.

  4. Love compote and this one is really tempting my taste buds. I have never heard of this magazine; sounds grat,

  5. You picked a wonderful recipe for this months game changer. I am so glad you shared with us.

  6. I love the Edible magazines that are published in New York City. They are printed every two months, and distributed freely at foodie locations around the city. I look forward to pick up copies when I visit the Meathook in Williamsburg, or Joe's in Chelsea.

    It is interesting to me that you used a recipe from the Cape Cod magazine. I admit I have never referred to the magazines for their recipes; here the Brooklyn and Manhattan editions are full of beautiful photography and interesting news and updates on local food entrepreneurs, restaurants, marketing efforts, and food and drink trends. Although last holiday season, they published a cookbook with recipes from the restaurants and food businesses they have profiled. Pretty cool all around!

  7. A separate thought: do your profiles have to be on women?

    You might consider profiling Josh Viertel at Slow Food USA. Read this: http://grist.org/sustainable-food/2012-01-10-fork-in-the-road-for-slow-food/

    and this: http://www.theatlantic.com/health/archive/2012/01/the-soul-of-slow-food-fighting-for-both-farmers-and-eaters/251739/

  8. @ Kate - For this particular blogshare, we're highlighting only the women noted in the Gourmet Live link (look for link in the post above), but I can see a separate blogshare that lets contributors choose any interesting and noteworthy 'game-changer' ... thanks for the idea, dearie!

  9. What a noble idea - its amazing how this world is full of genius things to do, and ways to connect people.....especially with food! The compote looks delish to boot.


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