22 January 2014

An Aside ...

I was just standing quietly in the kitchen moments ago, staring aimlessly toward the wood stove fire. It's really cold today and I was thinking about summertime. Looking over the accumulated detritus on the mantle above the stove, I spied a bunch of tarragon that I'd stuck above the stove's warmth to dry. How long ago was that, I wondered ?

Well, I snatched the clump and shook it a bit to free up any dust, blew on it some more, and brought it to the counter top. A gentle crumble took the leaves right off the twiggy stalks and the most incredible scent filled the air. Tarragon! Into the spice jar and ready to use ... it is ten times more pungent than any dry stuff that comes in jars from the spice aisle at the market, albeit perhaps with a bit of dust in the bargain.

Golly, my hands smell like summertime gardens! What a happy accident for a cold winter day!

Ten minutes later-

Just so you're not grossed out, I've wracked my brain and that bunch of tarragon went up on the mantle two weeks ago ... a fresh batch that I bought for some roasted chicken.  I knew you'd feel better.


  1. I made tarragon oil after my adventures in panna cotta, I may or may not have had to pick out some brown leaves. No judgement lol

  2. I love growing and cooking with herbs! I can almost smell that tarragon from here. What a treat!

  3. No kidding! Happy accident indeed and just the thing to brighten ones spirits. Aah..the small joys of life, so precious!

    chow! Devaki @ weavethousandflavors

  4. a glorious moment indeed... nothing quite has that intense aroma eh?


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