03 January 2014

Everybody's Doin' It ... the 2013 Foodie Round-Up

New Year's Day is for looking back, even as one looks forward. I've been seeing so many bloggers looking back on their 2013 blogging year to choose their finest, tastiest, most amazing foodie pride moments. I wasn't going to do that and then I got thinking ... I've made some amazingly good dishes this past year and I have not returned to remake many of them because  I was too busy moving on to the next good thing. I have decided to go back and choose one of the recipes from each month of the year and make it again. Sometime during the next couple months or whenever I can get the ingredients (should 'seasonal ingredients' be a huge issue), the following meals will be repeated.

And to keep me honest ... here's the list ... pictures, links and a few words of comment for posterity's sake. Think of it as my list of  Foodie New Year's Resolutions. So here we go ...

January 2013 

... Note to Self: make half the recipe ! ...

February 2013

... savory quick bread at its finest ...

March 2013
Spring Greens Salad with New Hampshire Maple Syrup Mustard Vinaigrette

... fresh greens when you REALLY appreciate them ...

April 2013
Sun-Dried Tomato and Garlic Hummus

... guilt-free snacking ... anyone have a good gluten-free bread stick recipe? ...

May 2013
Simon Hopkinson's Lemon Surprise Pudding

... Note to Self: must research this guy even more ! ...

June 2013
Strawberry Shortcakes

.... well, HERE'S a no-brainer!  Bring 'em on! ...

July 2013
Pan-Seared Lemon Pepper Swordfish with Orecchiette and Peas

.... perfect seafood sear with melt in your mouth pasta ...

August 2013
Stuffed Portabellas with Melting Fontina (or Tallegio)

... small bite bliss ...

September 2013
Viennese Potatoes

... a perfect potato side dish ...

October 2013
Gluten-Free Chai-Spiced Cheesecake with Spiced Apples

... gorgeous use of apples and spices !!! ...

November 2013
Pizza with Tomatoes, Olives, Capers, and Rosemary

... who knew capers on pizza could be so darn good ?!? ...

December 2013
Prawn, Chili, and Coriander Pasta

...Note to Self: investigate the gluten-free corn pasta suggestion that Kim made ... thanks, Kim! ...

So, there you have it ... some of the best of what I made this past year. Looking at the list, I see a few dishes that are loaded with glutens ... and glutens have been bothering me of late. Hence, I will try to get some gluten-free options into the pantry so I can make them again. If I can't, I won't lie, I'll splurge and make the 'real deal' recipe. Life's too short to pass up some of these dishes.

Happy New Year, dear readers! Have a tasty year, but don't forget the good stuff in the archives!


  1. Lovely idea Susan. I tag so many of the good things I make to revisit and it doesn't happen nearly as often as it should. You've got some delicious looking dishes there - have my eye on the mushrooms and chai cheesecake in particular.

  2. I think I may join you in making some of your recipes. They look fab !

  3. Lots of talented food-folks out there. So many look awesome.


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