11 February 2010

And the Flowers Win It!

Lifestyles.... they sure are hard to change.

I don't know about you, but I'm trying to change the way I think and act when it comes to consumption of goods. I try not to buy too many fruits and veggies that are out of season, but boy, it's hard! I try to find local meat suppliers, but the pickings are still slim up North where I live. I definitely feel like Silent Bob and I do our share when it comes to recycling and composting and we're always looking out for new ways to expand those efforts. Silent Bob and I are doing our best to cut out any unnecessary 'driving around' in order to cut our gasoline consumption. We consolidate our 'supply runs' to one loop, use our cloth bags and boxes at the markets.

At home, our thermostats have been pushed way back and our woodstove has a catalytic converter in it to help cut emissions. We have changed most of our lighting fixtures over to those funky coiled energy-saver bulbs and even more important, we don't leave the lights on unnecessarily. We are trying to lessen our carbon footprint, as best we can.

Still, I get to feeling at times, like I just want all our old conveniences. My bad girl attitude of  'I want it it and I want it right now' still creeps up on me (kind of like wanting flowers in February...)! Change is tough! We have been seduced by the easy fix that technology has offered, cheap sources of everything, and a big old consumer mentality ... and it has been a great ride! BUT things have got to change... right?

I can only hope that we end up with 'nothing but flowers' - metaphorically speaking, that is! There may be some culture shock, but humans can advocate for and adapt to change ... right? There can be a happy medium... right?

Enjoy the link (click on the title of the post)... I can only hope I'm not breaking any laws by hooking you up with the music! Think of it this way... it's your reward for reading this rant... I DO go on sometimes. Sorry!

Happy Valentine's Eve!

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