11 February 2010

It's All About the Candy ... Chocolate!

The raw materials are above ... and Cupid is at work!

Okay, folks. I have never been successful at making candies, fudge, or buttercream. It has seemed a fussy, exacting exercise requiring way too much attention to food thermometers and 'ball stages' and melted chocolate consistencies. THIS, however, worked for my feeble skills as candymaker! Bark! Yes!

Now, you MUST notice that I 'glommed onto' this recipe from another location. Notice the post title is underlined? That's your link to chocolate heaven! Click on the post title and you will access the recipe for this chocolate treat. Those girls at BigGirls,SmallKitchen know their stuff! There is NO WAY I can ever take credit for this easy and completely orgasmic snacking experience. Yes, I said, orgasmic.

The only changes made to this recipe were strictly personal... I love dark chocolate and can rationalize eating it far easier than milk chocolate, so I used dark bittersweet chocolate chips. I also cut the amount of nuts by half... and increased the cherries by 1/4 cup. I also cut the cherries in half, and chopped up the nuts into smaller pieces, figuring that the sugary goop would increase their size. That's it for adaptations... it's pretty to look at and so wonderfully sensual to have melting in your mouth! Go for it! Happy Valentine's Day!

Incidentally, the survey says ... go for the flowers if you're trying to impress your Valentine, but having a batch of chocolate can't hurt!


  1. this looks so good...I always love bark!

  2. I just put a batch of this into my freezer. It looks so pretty! I can't wait to break it up and try the finished product! I made it for a friend's birthday gift! Thank-you for sharing! I really like this blog and I like that you shared Big Girls, Small Kitchen with your readers, too!


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