02 February 2010

Good Book Alert 2 !!

The Tenth Muse - My Life In Food

I find Judith Jones' memoir about her progression into the life of food writer and cookbook editor enthralling. The list of people that she has worked with over the years is long and daunting - Julia Child, Nina Simonds, and James Beard - to name a few. You don't sense from her words, though, that she was ever overwhelmed or put off by them. Instead, she seems to have been an open vessel into which their knowledge poured. Her adventurous nature and enthusiasm for exploring different food families comes through in the memoir and she devotes the last section of the book to sharing some of the more notable food memories that she has from different eras of her life - and the recipes for these foods.

What a life this Yankee gal has lead! We should all be so lucky and talented!

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