14 February 2010

Pizza ... Love On A Pan...

I love the smell of pizza baking ... tonight sausage, mushrooms tossed with red pepper flakes, garlic, and olive oil, tomatoes, and slivered Provolone ... ala survey data, thank you very much ! AND... sappy as I am, we're watching Lady and the Tramp just so I can gush over the spaghetti scene... and we can sing along to the dog pound scene. Dinner and a movie... and a restful and happy Valentine's Day!

Yeah... Silent Bob will be rolling his eyes, but we can watch Star Wars another night.


  1. This is the night... It's a beautiful night... and they call it bella notte! It may be sappy but it's a classic! Hope it was a Happy Valentine's Day! Pizza looks good, too!

  2. @ Rhea ... yessir! Bum,bum,bum roof! Bum, bum, bum,roof!


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