27 June 2010

Fettuccine Carbonara with a Twist ... Holy Basil!

Nothing like a good pasta fix! I love Fettucine Carbonara ... my recipe has nuts and prosciutto mixed into the creamy egg-based sauce. So good ... so completely satisfying! Let's make a wonderful creamy Italian treat!  Tonight, I'm keeping it simple. The carbonara will have a saute of chard from the garden to accompany ... a glass of white wine ... life is good!

A few things about the cast of characters: 

Those eggs are so wonderfully large ... they come from my neighbor's chickens. The sauce will be perfectly golden because of those yolks!

I am tossing holy basil onto the top of my Carbonara this evening... it's doing well in my herb garden and I just have to chop some and taste it.

The prosciutto in this recipe is thinly sliced, as the thick sliced tends to lend a saltier flavor and SB and I are starting to mind the salt levels in our foods.

Okay. So, we should get going on this recipe!

I start with fettucine nests. One day, I will learn to make fresh pasta ... when my brother gives me his pasta machine ... and an extensive tutorial! Hint, hint!

I toast walnuts in a bit of butter (check out this food blog ... an Internet friend from the Pacific Northwest) and use relatively thinly sliced prosciutto. Tonight, I reserved the pan that I browned it in to saute some garlic and then wilt the chard we had as an accompaniment to the carbonara ... inspired!

The chard!  ... The chard is perfectly gorgeous right now and virtually free of any pests. No kidding... this photo is not doctored. I just grabbed the last handful and photographed it before doing the rough chop. Beautiful!

While I was making this dinner, I was remembering the nights when I would cook mac&cheese in my dorm room in ... of all things, my popcorn popper. Yes ... this is the sign of a true pasta fiend. I've come a long way from those days ... there are so many pasta dishes to enjoy! This is one of my favorites!


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