24 June 2010

A Nod to Milk Products - Part II

This post is about an old ice cream maker, an idea, and inspiration from life experience, a blogger friend, and hot weather!

Silent Bob laughs at me because I get an idea in my head and it's all detailed and convoluted.  I go off on a lark and make a big thing out of, what he considers, a simple thing.

Take ice cream. We have an ancient ice cream maker that I got for him one Christmas, when we were newlyweds. That first winter, he would shovel snow into the outer chamber and throw together vanilla or chocolate ice cream like it was nothing. Simple, huh? Yes, Bob would say! However, I have taken it in mind to make a wonderful French vanilla ice cream that has dulce de leche swirled through it and toasted hazelnuts plopped into it, like little crunchy nuggets.

I told him about my idea of making ice cream and he was all for it. Little did he know that I have to make the dulce de leche and chill it. Then,  I have to make an egg custard and chill it. Then, I have to whip heavy cream and chill it. THEN ... he has to crack the ice for the ice cream maker and THEN we can make this ice cold culinary wonder! Of course, THEN it has to cure.

Punchline? This project will continue throughout the evening, as we watch the Red Sox/Rockies game. Hey, when you want it the way you want it, you sometimes have to delay gratification!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ time warp ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Okay, so ... the dulce de leche was made last evening. It looks and tastes incredible! Thank-you, Lizzy !

I've got the custard chilling in the freezer and SB is getting ready to whack the ice chunks.

The hazelnuts are toasted and cooling down.


The whipped cream is hangin' in the fridge and I'm setting up the good old ice cream maker!


It's a relic of an ice cream maker, but we love it!


It's a funny thing that happens when the ice cream maker gets fired up and churning ... suddenly, I have a helper in the kitchen!

When the ice cream is done, I'll make biscotti while it cures ... probably while I swear at the Sox for stranding runnners on base or putting in that lame Okey-Dokey pitcher! You get the picture ... delayed gratification. Kind of like being a Red Sox fan! Hmmmmm.....



French Vanilla Ice Cream with Hazelnuts and Dulce de Leche - printer friendly


  1. Sooo....how was it? I can't wait to see a picture of the final product! I bet it was incredible!

  2. Sounds yummy! Someone gave us a newfangled ice cream maker a couple of years ago. We made a few batches and were underwhelmed at the consistency, so it sits on a shelf. Maybe we are just lazy. We do have a Ben & Jerry's shop that is only four blocks from the house, and that's not a bad substitute for homemade. The walk to the shop makes you feel not quite so guilty for slurping a cone full of goodness on the way home.


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