25 June 2010

Steaks and Taters ...

I know that beef is the next thing to a curse in today's nutritional world, BUT come on! There is nothing like a good steak broiled or grilled to perfection. Now, I'm not sayin' that I eat a whole lot of beef, but when I want a steak ... I want a steak that is big, juicy, spicy from a marinade, and hot from the grill. Give me some potatoes and a green vegetable and I am such a happy woman.

Okay, we've established that! Now, you must know that my brother Jim has passed on a marinade that is damn good. And here it is ...  sorry, Jim. State secrets must be disclosed sometimes. It's in the interest of national security. Besides, you should know that everyone I've prepped steaks for, using this marinade, have raved. So, get over the fact that I'm disclosing your recipe.... okay? Please? Forgive me?

The key on Jim's marinade is to give it at least two hours to do it's magic on the steaks. I pull them from the marinade and plop them on the broiler pan or grill with a healthy amount of the marinade clinging to them. Then, when they have cooked to my specs, I drop a small pat of butter on them to finish the juices. I know ... slap me! What can I say? They are delectable this way! It's not like I eat this stuff every day ... and neither should you! So, save it for once in a while and truly enjoy a good steak!

Jim's Steak Marinade - printer friendly

I love how fragrant this marinade is ... and it makes the steaks a wonderful brown color the longer it soaks.
Get your steaks ready to grill, prep the potatoes and vegetable of choice and go for it!


  1. I've become a huge fan of grass fed beef. It's very different, but oh so wonderful. And, I don't feel nearly as guilty about eating it. Better for me and the cow.

  2. Susan @ Kay25/6/10 6:11 PM

    It's looking like we will be going in on a grass-fed beef cow with my sister-in-law ... tenderloin, stew cuts, ground meat and a few steaks coming our way when the cow is ready for slaughter ...


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