07 December 2010

Chicken Dijonnaise

I have finally gotten my taste for poultry back after all that Thanksgiving overload ... so tonight, I fell back on an old favorite here at the cottage on the hill. I love pasta and chicken combinations. I also love sauces.
It couldn't get any better than this, then. A bed of plain and spinach fettucine for crispy chicken pieces with a drizzle of added Dijonnaise sauce. Paired with a green vegetable and a nice bottle of Chardonnay ... dinner in less than an hour.


Chicken Dijonnaise - printer friendly

Chicken Dijonnaise

adapted from Stone Walls and Warm Hearths – Hopkinton Woman’s Club
Serves: 8


1 c. good quality mayonnaise
¼ c. Dijon-style mustard – seeded is the best
½ tsp. dried dill weed
¼ c. dry white wine
2 ½ lbs. boneless chicken breasts - washed, patted dry, and sliced length-wise into quarters
flour for dredging
unseasoned bread crumbs for coating (about 2 c.)
½ c. canola oil
2 tbsp. butter

Making the Dish:

1. Pre-heat the oven to 350° F.

2. Whisk together in a large flat non-reactive pan: mayonnaise, mustard, lemon juice, dill weed, and wine. Remove ½ c. of the sauce and set it aside in a small bowl.

3. Salt and pepper the chicken and dredge the prepared chicken pieces in the flour. Leave them for a few minutes to dry a bit.

4. Place the bread crumbs on a plate.

5. Heat a large non-stick fry pan over high heat and add the oil and butter.

6. When the butter bubbles up in the hot oil, roll the floured pieces of chicken in the Dijonnaise sauce and roll in the bread crumbs to thoroughly coat.

7. Lay gently into the hot oil and cook until browned on all sides (about 4-5 minutes).

8. Remove and place in a shallow oven pan.

9. Bake in pre-heated oven for about 20 minutes. Turn off the oven and leave while you plate the rest of the meal.

10. Place the chicken on a bed of noodles and drizzle some of the reserved sauce over and around them.

11. Serve with any remaining sauce and lemon slices.

Note: When I make this dish, I leave a bit of ‘ice’ in the thawed chicken pieces. I find it makes for an easier go at slicing the pieces into serving sizes and a more moist piece of finished meat.

And... I obviously halved this recipe for this post ...


  1. YUM! Who does love crispy chicken and creamy sauce! I KNOW my kids would love this, minus the glass of wine! ;)

  2. I want to eat with you guys! That looks delicious!

  3. I made this for dinner tonight for some friends.. it was such a hit!!!

  4. Oh yum!! It looks seriously delicious and I'm all about creamy sauces. And bottles of Chardonnay........

  5. The Spice Garden to the rescue! I had planned to make braised beef short ribs tonight, but they are never going to thaw in time for the 4-5 hours they need in the oven. This recipe will make a great stand-in. Thanks!


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