24 December 2010

Christmas Sweets Day #4 - Chocolate-Dipped Biscochitos

We're almost there! Only one more day until Christmas! This is the last day I have for baking treats for gift plates and these cookies will round those plates out beautifully. Every Christmas, I look around for one new cookie recipe to add to my trove of holiday recipes. This year, I scoped out this recipe from Mangiabella , a gorgeous foodblog that was recommended by Chef Dennis of  More Than a Mount Full  on one of his Guest Friday posts...

I loved the look of these cookies because of the interesting play on shortbread. These shortbreads have anise seeds and brandy in them, though. I just think the buttery consistency of the cookie will accept that hint of licorice so nicely! And brandy is always a welcome little flavor punch at this time of year ... I can't wait to taste them!

I have some pretty little cookie cutters to use and some cinnamon sugar mixed and ready to sprinkle. I also have some semi-sweet chocolate all ready to melt for dipping some of the biscochitos, too! Golly, I even love saying the name of these cookies! Biscochitos! What a happy little name! Click the links for the above blogs ... you're in for a treat! The link to Mangiabella will hook you up with today's recipe!

So ... let's make those biscochitos! Arriba,arriba! Feliz Navidad!


  1. what's the one that looks like a boxing glove supposed to be? Nice cookies though! merry merry Christmas Susan... hope you have a wonderful day xxx

  2. @ Dom - Boxing glove = mitten = hurray! white christmas!


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