21 December 2010

Christmas Sweets Day #2 - Gingerbread Boy Gingersnaps

Meet the boys! Boy on the left belonged to my Grandmother Barnes. Boy in the middle belonged to my mother, Alma Barnes Miller. Boy on the right belongs to my children, Kate, Sara, and Eric. All together, they will make a pig pile of gingerbread boy gingersnaps by the end of the afternoon ... and we will be crunching them with big glasses of milk in front of a Christmas movie later this evening!

I made the gingersnap dough yesterday and let it chill overnight. So simple and easy! This is a really fun dough to make with kids because the dough does some pretty dramatic stuff when the baking soda solution hits the molasses, butter, and brown sugar mixture! Prepare to hear squeals of delight and uproarious laughter and oh, ... make sure you have a deep bowl for mixing the cookie dough. I'm just sayin'.

How sweet are these little guys? I used sunflower seeds, dried cranberries, currants, dried apricots, and pepitas to make the buttons and faces ... I guess I could have done icing and all, but these gingersnaps don't really need it. Besides, they are just so cute as they are! Icing would only get in the way when you dunk them in your milk coffee, or tea...

Ah, the fate of a gingerbread boy!

After baking a few dozen of the lads, I switched over to stars, as I think a bit of lemon icing on them will be just the ticket to go with a cup of tea. Stay tuned on that one ...

The rest of the boys formed a sweet little pig pile on a Christmas pie plate and will wait their turn heading for our neighbors' Christmas plates or our Christmas cookie platter.

Made and given with love ...

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  1. so cute... they have such a violent life poor fellas!

  2. O, how nice that the cutters each have their own history. Looks like your gingermen turned out beautifully...

  3. These are by far the most adorable cookie cutters and its so special that they each have a story to tell and are all old and banged up from being so well loved :)

    What would our kitchen be with these uglies...err...beauties? :)

    Merry Christmas Dear Susan!

    chow! Devaki @ weavethousandflavors


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